Chinese 50w max min power

There was a discussion recently on this topic but I did not quite understand the full outcome. I wanted to put it in simple questions to help me and hopefully others.

I just received my Chinese 50w laser. I know that it is not “truly” a 50w. I have purchased an amp meter but have not received it yet. It is a Rudia controller.

If I set the Max at 55% and the Min at 10%, will the power stay between these settings no matter what I put into LightBurn?

If I understood the previous discussion, a setting of 100% in LB would output 55% on the laser. A setting of 5% would output 10% on the laser. A setting of 50% on LB would output 27.5% on the laser.

Am I understanding this correctly?



Where are you setting your max at 55% and min at 10%?

On the Laser control panel. I used the Max/Min buttons on the main control panel to enter each.


Those are for the pulse on the controller I believe.
They don’t have any effect on the lightburn file output

After re-readying some of the post on this forum on this subject, I think I have a better understanding.

It is not the buttoms on the panel that set the absolute max and min for the hardware. It is the max and min settings in the VENDOR SETTINGS.

So if I set the Max / Min in vendor settings to 55% / 10% then the hardware will never push more than max 55% / min 10% to the possible power to the tube.

I still am not sure about whether telling LB to run at 50% would actually push 50% to the tube or would it scale it and push 27.5%?



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