Chinese 80 watt, red & black power issue

I have some 5mm wood i purchesd at home depot and trying to get laser to cut little squares.
At first i had a setting of 9mm sc and 25 power and was doing ok with that. Kept running sample cuts and wasn’t long a speed of 15 at 50power would not cut thru , but the 25 power would.
what do you guys think is going wrong? haven’t had this machine maybe coulple of months.
80watt, 700x500 , ruida, running lightburn

First off, I’d clean my lens and mirrors. Second, does it cut better on one part of the bed that another? If so, you have an alignment problem.

If you haven’t read it here before, centered doesn’t mean squat until you hit the lens. You need to be PARALLEL in Y, X, and Z, then, and only then, do you get centered in the lens tube an on the lens.

EXAMPLE: I hit my #3 mirror a couple mm high to hit the center of the lens tube. Just another sign of high quality chinese engineering.

Thanks Dave ,l will check.

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