Chinese 80 watt

OK I have a Chinese 80 watt laser just received with CorelDraw as the operating system. this machine does not have a controller on the machine but uses a dongle. Can’t connect with lightburn. Any help would be great!

You have a controller board that is not compatible with LB. You will have to replace it with one that is.

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Ewww. That will need to be fixed right away…

any sugestions on this repair?

Its a shame that they sent this machine to me with all the software in Chinese and cannot convert to english. thats why i want to use LB. I already use LB with an ortur laser but was ready to expand.

I ended up with a simular, if not the same machine. Switched out the controller for a cohesion 3D one, and lightburn. Works great.

Here are a couple of software alternatives you can use with your existing board.

GitHub - meerk40t/meerk40t: Hackable Laser software for the K40 Stock-LIHUIYU laser boards..

Thanks i ordered a controller from cohesion and a Ma meter last nite. just waiting now to recieve and try it out.

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