Chinese 80w blue and white wont fire in cut mode but fires in raster just fine

I have the Chinese 80w blue and white engraver with a trocen controller. it was working fine and all of a sudden it stopped firing ONLY during the cut portion. Vector and raster engraving it fired fine, just when i try to cut. its as if somewhere its telling the laser not to fire during cutting. the test switch fires the laser fine. also it goes through the motions as if its cutting just doesn’t fire but as stated raster works fine.

A couple things to check:

  • Is your Min Power lower than the firing threshold on your laser?

  • Multi-head support was recently added for the Trocen, I believe - did you turn off the ‘Enable’ for the
    laser head?

If neither of those are it, can you post the file here so we can have a look?

thank you I figured it out. I had a pretty big air conditioning unit (window unit 17,000 btu) on the same circuit and it was malfunctioning as it would reset itself to a higher temp on its own and the unit would kick off. I would reset the temp and it would kick on. I didn’t realize this little power surge caused the laser to interrupt just enough to stop the laser firing and when i tested it in other modes the air conditioner wasn’t acting up and when i switched back a few minutes in to engraving or cutting and it would stop firing. figured out it was the power surges lol. I was chasing a ghost pretty much.

Oh jeez - that would’ve been a fun one to debug. :slight_smile:

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