Chinese m2nano board - in Australia

I have been told the Cohesion 3 boards to replace the M2nano boards cannot be sent to Australia as the suppliers won’t ship to Australia. I hate the software that is used to run the M2 nano board, and Lightburn is superior in every way. What other options do I have? Any other way I can use Lightburn?

AwesomeTech make a popular replacement board for K40 type machines and believe they’re even based in Australia. May want to check their stuff out.

Mini Gerbil v3 (MG3) – 2 axis controller for K40 laser cutter – AwesomeTech

There is a direct replacement board from Omtech as well called K40+.


Thank you!

Thank you berainlb! The board from Awesome.Tech arrived today. It was easy to install, and Lightburn is working well on my laser!

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That was certainly quick. Glad it worked out for you.

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