Chinese Red and Black 80w not cutting consistantly on HTV

I have been cutting a lot of HTV shirt vinyl with my machine, but I have noticed and issue that at the beginning and end of cut it almost stops and burns through the second layer of material. I have not worked with LightBurn very much and know it is probably a setting issue, but just do not know where to look. Any help would be great. I do have my min power and max power at the same level. This may be part of the issue since I am running under 20% power. Newbie Question for sure.

That will be it - Power is ramped from Min to Max as you go from 10mm/sec to your desired speed. If they’re set the same, you’ll get more power into the material at the corners or end points, because you’re moving slower.

Just as an fyi in case you didn’t already know most vinyls, or at least many emit chlorine gas when heated by the laser. It is of course very bad for you, and corrosive to the lasers metal parts. Not saying I don’t do it, just be aware, make sure the fan is directing the air outdoors and maybe wait a few seconds to open the lid after the cut is complete. It sure does work well even though it is a no no.

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