Chinese rotary?

Has anyone used the flat rotary that comes with the chinese lasers with lightburn??

I am not personally familiar with the term “flat rotary”. Can you please provide more information and a picture so we know what you are referencing?

Hot dog roller probably.

Yeah, pretty much what it looks like. Has anyone used these with lightburn and if so, how difficult was it to get set up to use?

I use one often with a ruida controlled chinese 50 watt. I made a jig for cone shaped items that works well (screen door rollers bolted to acrylic). It did print a mirrored and origin reversed image when connected to my Y axis so I reversed the coil pairs with my trusty soldering iron and now what you see is what you get. I could have just flipped the whole thing 180 degrees but the cable wasn’t long enough.

Cool, thanks! I’ll have to try the jig with rollers. Is the jig something you’re willing to share at all? It would be greatly appreciated.

I deleted the file because I just made it from stuff I had within reach and it would only take a minute to draw a better one.

Thanks for the pics. I’ll have to draw something up.

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