Choppy cutting and engraving

Hello all. I am having a bit of an issue and was hoping to find a little help here.

My laser has been cutting beautifully. I went to install a camera, and when I followed the software directions when it tried to frame out the image area, it was too large and did the grinding noise when it got to the top and bottom edges.

Now, my stuff looks like crap. Everything is ragged and cutting poorly. What is also throwing me is that the issue is along both the X and Y axis.

It Is happening when both cutting and engraving.

Anyone have any constructive thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Check that you didn’t cut a belt tooth, and that your belt tension hasn’t changed. If they were stretched a bit from the bump on the side that could cause the slight backlash you’re seeing. Also check to see if a bearing block is loose.

Thanks. I will give it a check up in the morning. I didn’t see anything today.

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