Chuck Rotary etchings get less depth as it etches

I recently upgraded my laser to a Ruida Controller. I am currently running the rotary on the Y - Axis (although I would like to change that to the u axis in the future- but that’s a different question). I have an image which is vector and as it etches, the image get less and less dark. It’s almost like I am changing to less power as it etches even though I am not. I am using Lightburn on a iMac computer. Please let me know if there is a setting that I need to look at. My laser is a Full Spectrum Laser and has been running off their RE3 software (which is why I switched controllers) for the last 3 years. I just replaced the tube about a month ago.

My rotary is a ‘wheeled’ unit, so a chuck is a little different.

I haven’t see it actually do that, but I have seen where the ‘object’ is not at the proper focus distance as it move away from the chuck.

I know that is something that I watch and don’t know how difficult keeping it ‘square’ is on a chuck type.

Have you used this on the other software?

Pictures are worth 1k in words…


I have used the Chuck on my old software and board, but you had very little control over the settings. I will look and see if I have a good picture.

So this is the the first time with the Ruida/Lightburn…?

How do you ensure the ‘object’ is ‘square’ with the axis of the rotary?


My chuck has three clamps that hold the item. The item goes against the flat on it so that it is square. I have a rotary as well (I haven’t used is since I switched) but I do not like it as much because it is less precise and not square.

There are times I’d like to try a rotary. I have a hard time with vectors and mugs/cups.

Post a photo when you can


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