Circle Framing Not Working

The Circle frame is not working correctly. I Frames a square not a circle. Suggestions?

It’s a “rubber band” frame shrink-wrapped around all the selected objects, so if the objects have a square-ish layout, the resulting frame will also look square-ish.

If that’s not what you’re seeing, upload the lbrn2 file so we can take a look at it.

Hi there, if the Image that you are going to burn is more square than round then the framing will be square, if the image you are going to burn is round then the frame will be round, I engrave a lot of coasters both square, hexagon, heart and round and invariably they all frame for engraving in a square or square-ish style, I only ever see it frame in a round manner if I am cutting out round shapes or templates for round coasters or xmas ornaments etc. hope this helps.

To see the rubber band effect, frame a 5-pointed star with the circle frame button. Fun to watch!