Circle not copying start point

Hi There
Create a 3" circle, add a 3mm hole near the top (like a keychain)
Click on the 3" circle and then on start point from the Left hand bottom menu.
Set the start point to 6 O’clock anti clockwise
Group the 3" circle and the 3mm hole (so far so good)
Copy using Grid function and it does not copy the start point to any of the other circles.

What am I doing wrong? They are all starting at the 9 O’clock point apart from the original one…


Ian jenkins

You can use that tool to change the starting point, or reset it to default.

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Thank you Blake. Yes I used that tool as you suggest to change the starting point but grid copy does not copy the start point to the other copies of the circle.

Yeah, that might be a bug, or an oversight on the devs part. If he doesn’t respond on here, I’d add it to the page.

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Thank you I will.
On another topic. seems a bit creepy pressing the heart when your talking to a guy lol

I am getting the same behavior and believe it is due to how these objects are created and managed within LightBurn. When you draw something in LightBurn, the object is known as a “primitive” and has characteristics used to manage things for that object. Think rounded corners of a rectangle done from the ‘Shape Properties’ window as an example. This is done to help LightBurn internal task management.

It looks like the copy is not picking up the change to start point while the original object is still in its primitive form. If you ‘Convert to Path’ the selection, the new start point will be copied.

I’m not calling this a bug just yet, @LightBurn may have some additional thoughts on this. :nerd_face:

Thank you, that works :slight_smile:

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