Circles not cutting properly

Hi Everyone.

Small query I hope, My friend and I are converting two K40’s 1500 Kms apart into two much larger machines, Im in spain, hes in the Uk and has run into a problem on his conversion.

I havent got as far as his so cant repeat the fault.

Basically its using all standard K40 equipment, cloudray mirrors and a Makerbase MKS 1.3 board with grbl-lpc software, prior to the conversion everything worked perfectly in lightburn.

The conversion is making the bed much larger and in the case of this one its about 600 x 700, mine is about 1m square burning area.

Its cuts squares and rectangles perfectly but every now and then a circle is not cut out properly, its either oval shape or totally out of shape. sometimes its perfect! the cut itself is fine in depth but just not shape!

The drawing is created in the latest version of lighburn ( not Beta) and has been working ok until this issue started yesterday when he replaced the gantry back into the new box.

Does anyone have any ideas or pointers on this please to give us a path to look at .

Many thanks


Machine is K40 running stock steppers and mks 1.3 board with grbl lpc on it, running off a windows pc using win 10 latest version. K40 cabinet has been enlarged to take the new size of the gantry and electrics are all in a separate container bolted on to the side of the original cabinet.

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