Circles problem - start and end point do not meet

(Tum) #1

Strange thing. Today I tried to cut some circles in ornaments and I noticed that circle is “not ended” I mean the start and end point don’t meet and both are not at the same level. I thought it might be a mechanical issue but I checked T2 Laser software and there is no problem with perfect circle . So question is : what could be a reason of that ?
Has anyone encountered this problem too? Any idea ?

(Blake Bartlett) #2

That looks like you’re losing steps perhaps. Belt skipping? Maybe dirty rails?

(Tum) #3

checked, it’s fine. In other application everything is ok. This happen only in Lightburn. Don’t know why.

(Allen Massey) #4

Are you cutting at exactly the same speed in both applications?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #5

Compare what speeds are set in the other application with what speeds you are using in LightBurn. Make sure you are comparing the same units like mm/sec or mm/min

Does the machine appear to be moving faster with one of them?