Clarification on align to targets scaling/no scailing

I was watching a few videos, and read the documentation but I was not able to find out which is the reason for using either option (scale/no scale) when aligning targets (laser tools>print and cut>Align output to targets.)
Can you please clarify when each of them should be used and if scaled is used where to set the scale factor?
Thank you

You would use the scale option if the design in LightBurn is a different size to what’s been printed/cut or otherwise being aligned to.

If what was already print or partially cut was done with a design of the same size as in LB then no scaling is required.

In other words, use the scale option if the actual size of the design needs to be adjusted before burning. Omit it if everything is already to the same size.

I am a bit of fool and unexperienced to fully understand your response, but it seems clear to me to stay away from scaling. My case is a cut a piece that is bigger than the table and the second cut did not fit the sizes of the first. I guess that because I used scale and the selected areas to cut were different, the scaling made them equal and thus resulting different sizes between both prints. Thank you a lot.

If you are creating a design and burning exclusively from that design in LightBurn then no need to use scaling.

Having said that, if your alignment targets were set correctly even with scaling things should have worked as it should have scaled to the targets which were already the same as or super close to your design. The only reason for a difference in scale would be from a calibration issue or slight misalignment of the targets. In other words, scaling should always work although it could introduce an inadvertent though small scale change. Without scaling will only work when scale is consistent.

Well, I am right now preparing a test file. Out of your comments, I have to disregard the target misalignment. That would cause a shift in the final work, which it happened, although the second target overprint overlapped the first print, there was about 10% difference between the same shapes one at each end of the design both in heigth and width.

Hard to say in your case but if your targets are not placed sufficiently far apart any small error can be greatly magnified at the extreme ends.

I agree. Anyways, yesterday I did a tried again, with no scale, and I found a tiny shift in the lines ‘crossing the border’ that were totally related to target misalignment, but total line length and sizes of similar shapes at each side were perfect. The misalignment was caused by wrong power setting of the lines and fills, making them blurry. All in all, I am in good shape to produce the first oversized cut, now that the scale-no scale is clear. Thank you for your help. Kind regards

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