Cleaning The Bed - What do you use?

I recently picked up a used CO2 Engraver. I’m cleaning the bed and trying different things.

The lacquer thinner seems to be the best so far. It’s flammable, poisonous and smell is quite strong.

The close second is an orange cleaner with D-Limonene (orange-oil). It’s much less toxic and foul smelling.

Please post pictures of favourite cleaners, bar codes, sku… I’ll do the same but i’d like to get the conversation going first.

Depends on what’s on the bed…

I usually use rubbing alcohol for acrylic and acetone for plywood residue.

Haven’t cut much else that leaves anything to get off.

I have a sheet of steel for my bed, with only a few alignment holes in it a few mm in diameter.

I usually clean it up before I put it to bed. Takes only a couple minutes to wipe off the steel.


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