ClearPath Servos on a CNC Machine running LightBurn

I’ve got a few questions here hopefully someone has answers. My friend built a plasma table and I did the electronics for it, we are using ClearPath servos hooked into an Arduino Uno running GRBL. I tried hooking the motors into AWC708C-Lite but it wasn’t moving them. That’s the first question is there any reason why it wouldn’t move the motors? The servo motors have an enable pin, step pin, and direction pin. Has anyone else here had luck with ClearPath servos?

Next question is GRBL does run the motors but when they move they start out jittery or choppy and then smooth out on the move then go back to choppy as they decelerate. ClearPath has a Windows program that communicates with the motors through microusb and when I move the motors in that software they are super smooth so it’s not a hardware problem. I have turned the acceleration down to 50mm/s2 and it is super rough movement then I turned it up to 15000mm/s2 and it’s a little better but still rough. Hopefully someone has the knowledge with ClearPath motors I’m after, I’ve emailed their support but wanted to bring the issue here in case anyone else plans on using these servos they can get help as well. Oh yeah, the higher the speed of the movements the smoother it becomes. So rapids are smooth but 10mm/s is very choppy

One more thing, I know it’s been brought up before but I’d sure love a standalone industrial CNC software for plasma cutting, wood router, milling, etc. Thanks!

Go to this YouTube video I uploaded to see the difference in GRBL movements and ClearPath MSP movements.

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