Close path error

I have problem every time I import shape then if it is not closed the close bath always make like the screenshot and also I have another issue when the shapes are not closed and aim trying to engrave the machine ignore the open shapes until I close them is the a way to cancel the auto close bath and also a way to tell the machine to engrave even if the shapes open

LightBurn requires shapes to be closer to ‘Fill’ the area. The file you are showing, I have not seen this before. Please post the file so we can take a look.

This happens always with many files when i import open objects

It will happen with all open shape artwork. :slight_smile:

How are these files generated? With what software? If you share more about how the file is generated, we might have suggestions that might help you generate more “laser ready” files prior to importing into LightBurn.

Which version of the software are you using? (Go to Help > Quick Help and Notes, and look at the About tab). I fixed a bug in the path close function recently, but I haven’t seen it behave this badly before, so some details about where the file came from would be helpful.

Dxf files from autocad
I have the latest version

Of what? AutoCAD? LightBurn? You are not making this easy. We are trying to offer assistance and address the issue you are seeing. Please confirm the version and build date/time of the version of LightBurn you are running.

After importing from AutoCad, try using the auto-join tool instead. Select and un-group everything, then click Tools > Auto Join selected shapes, or press Alt-J.

These line come as soon as i import it doesn’t give me a chance to change anything

Ahh - that wasn’t clear. Can you send the dxf you’re having trouble with to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com? Have you tried importing this DXF into any other software to make sure it’s not the file itself that is the problem?

Hi ,
I sent the email
hopefully someone picks it and help me

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