CLOSED issue before i engrave

Im having a “CLOSED” issue. Im not sure what to do about it. I get the following error message before i engrave my image. The 2nd pic shows what they consider “open(dotted lines).” Looks closed to me. I added lines there to make those sections but they snapped in place with what was already there so i figured that “closed” it.

Those are single straight lines - by definition they are not “closed”, because the ends don’t meet.

But once they meet the other lines, doesnt that close them?

If I draw a line across a square, I now have a square, and a line. They’re still two distinct things - One of them is closed, and one is not.

image image

As a hands on experiment, grab a pen, and draw a single line on a sheet paper. Now, take a paintbrush, and fill that line with paint. This is effectively what you’re asking LightBurn to do.

“Closed” means a border that defines an area. This is a closed shape - I could easily color it in:
image image

Now, if I draw a line across that, it looks like this, and looks like this filled:
image image

So, having that line present in the shape isn’t contributing anything.

Ok. Now that we have that established, how do i “close” it? I tried editing the nodes but it wont let me convert to path

What is it that you want those lines to look like in the final design. Holes, or additional lines engraved across the pipe?

Like couplings on a pipe.

So in this design, the pipe would be filled and those would be left clear.

Basically a mix of these 2 designs…

So what you want is a hole in the existing design - Forgive my crappy drawing, but if you take this:


And fill it, it just looks like this:

If you want clear sections, you have to define inner holes, kind of like a letter O - It’s an outline, and an inner hole:

First, scale the lines down so they’re not touching the sides any more, like this:

Then select them all and use the offset tool to turn them into outlines around those lines, and delete the originals (You’ll have to choose an offset amount that works for the scale of the design):

Now, the lines are holes:

And when you fill the whole thing, you get this:

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That’ll work!!! Thank you

You should post a link back to this thread on the LightBurn Software Community thread so people there see the result you were looking for.

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Just posted it on the thread. Thank you

Crappy drawing? Nope. That’s an impressive piece of art!

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