Closing a project in Lightburn

I have been designing some future projects in Lightburn, and when I am finished and saved I do not see a command (like in the file tab) to close the project. Is there one?
I have been just choosing New and starting over. I know some software has a close option to close the project

You have done it correctly. Once you have saved or save as then you can go ahead and close Lightburn or clicking on the New icon and you are good to go.

Имам ос ЦНЦ 40в када желим да поставим објекат да исече или гравира ласерске излазе све до друге стране … не могу да их подесим да се крећу онако како им дајем …

I have a CNC 40v axis when I want to place an object to cut or engrave the laser outputs all the way … I can’t remind them to move the way I give them …

:face_with_monocle: i am not understand

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