Closing LB I get a streaming message

When I finish working and exit/close LB, I get this message:

You are currently streaming to your device. Are you sure you want to close? with Yes / No options.

I always answer Yes and it lets me out. But I don’t have anything else open. What’s happening and How fix. That is two questions to be answered. There is another question on this from Oct 20 2020 but you never ansered this part of it and it is closed. WCD


If you have the typical grbl board, it can only store a few lines of the gcode, it is ‘streamed’ to the device.

Who is the message from?

If you’re done, it’s probably not an issue, but annoying nevertheless.


Who is the message from? the top of the box has a LB logo and it says: Confirm Close - LightBurn 1.0.01

I don’t see a ‘Send’ option… hope it gets to you

One of the lightburn people will drop over and clarify what’s going on. I used to use a grbl machine, but it’s currently packed. I have never seen that before… sorry… :frowning:

I get the same even if I’m not connected to the machine (Ortur LM2 Pro). It’s not really concerned me so far but I guess it could bother some.

I’ll keep my eye open here, I’m curious also…