Cloudray 50w Fiber laser issue - Intermittent fire

I have a Cloudray 50w fiber laser, running lightburn on a dell optiplex 3060 that was working for a few months with no issues. Recently we were running a batch of coins with sequential numbering. In between coins it would eventually stop firing. Lightburn says the laser is busy, and the coin # would advance, but laser would not fire at all. The only way I can get it to work again is to turn the laser off and on multiple times, and eventually it would start cutting. It also seems like it always stops after I try to make any adjustments such as repositioning the graphic or changing cut settings even slightly, then it will not fire on the next go. We tried using different USB cables and when doing so, the computer would not recognize the laser at all, even with a brand new cable. However we are still able to run the laser with the original cable, but with intermittent firing. I am starting to suspect a problem with the control board and have reached out to the manufacturer. Just wanting to see if there is anything else I might have overlooked. Thank you.

In which version of Lightburn are you having issues?
Are you willing to update to latest?