CNC user starting with laser

Hello all,
Newbie on the forum. Using my eleksmaker 3w the first time i used Elekscam and the y axis somehow crashed into the controller and broke the connector on the nano. Friend of mine gave me a spare nano. He told me I can download grbl 1.1 f. What are the parameters in grbl i should use? Also want to give LB a try because my bad experience with Elekscam. Any particular advice ? The max intensity on Elekscam is 1000. It will do the same if i use 255?
Thanks. PS i will post my first project when i get to it!
PPS i currently have a shapeoko CNC that I run with Cambam using GRBL

I forgot: can I set parameters in grbl within LB?
Also another question I think I have mana controller, can I use a connector for nano and use an extension board and use the nano pins for limit switch?

I think we’ve seen this before and the Mana doesn’t break out the necessary pins.

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