CNC3018 power low


I got a power problem too

I used the software Engraver Master and I needed 10% of power to engrave wood
I installed the Lightburn test version and now I need at least 50% of power

Maybe someone can help me

I got a CNC3018 with a 7W Laser

I have moved this post to be it’s own. It is not usually a good idea to add a question to the bottom of a solved issue. You get buried and folks won’t see it. :slight_smile:

Which firmware and version are you using to drive you laser?

I have 3018 with a 3.5w laser…

10% seems very low to me. What speed were you moving the laser at for it to engrave.

I usually run mine around 1000mm/min at 100%

You’re most likely asking the controller to move faster than its built-in speed limit.

Read here where it says that in bold, about 4 paragraphs down:

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