CO2 Laser Energy Usage

Just sharing a point of general interest.
I was curious about the energy usage of my 700 x 500 China Blue/Grey Laser.
I have a SPT TR75 tube on the the original 60W LPS and run a dedicated Hyundai Super Silent air compressor for the Ultimate Air Assist. Cooling is with water tank and Pond pump. My system is 230V


For the purpose of the test I ran a cut cycle at 70% power (22mA).
The Total W column are cumulative totals and as shown full total is with everything running is 1,245W
Once the compressor is up to pressure and switches off the total drops to 596.4W.


Yeah, that looks about like my 80w red&black. I didn’t measure the compressor on mine. It draws plenty, but the duty cycle is low. 5hp, 60 gallon tank…

40 watts for lights? Either you’ve added lights or yours came stock with a lot more lighting than mine did.

Yes I have upgraded a lot of stuff on it. The lighting is 1 x 600mm long LED Batten and 2x 300mm LED Battens, all running on 230V. Nicely illuminated even through the filtered acrylic lid.

The lighting on mine was really dismal and that was one of my first mods was add more & better.
When I saw 40w for yours I figured you must have “fixed” yours too. :slight_smile:

Agree Hank. The small 5v LED strip was pathetic, one of the first changes I made. Another was the pathetic extractor fan that was in it, next to useless. It just had to go.

Curious, what meter did you use to measure?

It was just a simple Energy Monitor which has different modes for energy usage, W, A, KWh etc.

With that funny looking receptacle your reading is probably low as you’re only getting 83% of the Hertzes… :wink:

Why would that be? The UK grid frequency is 50Hz.
This setting is adjustable so if it had been 60Hz I would have set it to 60Hz :wink:

Yeah, I know. Sorry, this was just my weird sense of humor… :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t sense the frequency automatically?

Actually Tom, I think it may well auto select, I don’t specifically remember selecting it.