CO2 laser stops engraving

I was doing a project on my 60w monport . My initial settings were 180mm/s at 20% power. about 2.5 hours. The laser stopped about five minutes before it finished. I went and did the file over this time at 360mm/s at 40%, cut the time in half. basically it did the same thing.The size was 15h x 23w. I then did the same file at about 3 inch wide and it engraved fine. Any ideas of what’s wrong??

Not from your description… is there any error message generated on the Ruida machine console?

Are you using send or start? Try using send instead. This will send the file to the Ruida and you can run it from the console…

Another idea is to delete all the files on the Ruida that you don’t need… it seems to get confused if it gets low on memory…

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If the laser beam turned itself off while the machine kept on running, then I’d suspect the high voltage power supply is overheating and shutting down. The relation between power and failure time isn’t absolute, but it’s suggestive.

The fact that the machine can finish a much smaller job with the same geometry tends to rule out weird design issues.

If the room is getting hotter these days, that definitely points to a power supply problem. Perhaps cleaning the fuzz out of all the vents and verifying the cooling fan still works will help.

Power supplies are relatively cheap (compared to tubes) and having a backup can’t be a Bad Thing™, so swap in a new one and see if it improves the outcome.

Sending the file to the Ruida works.

Sounds like a communication error… Ensure the port isn’t going to sleep, your OS handles this.

Better still, move it to the Ethernet port and dump th eusb…


I’m going to go with ethernet. Well I want to, I am using an iMac . Is there anything special I have to do??

If the Monport uses their GRBL controller for their 60W CO2 laser we’d have to see if there’s a wireless option for communication.

I have one of their GRBL controllers here and I don’t see wireless or ethernet capability.

The monport 60w is Ruida , it comes with a ethernet cable.

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This may be worth a thorough look:

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