CO2 lasermachine cuts travelpath


I just recently got a 80 watt Co2 lasermachine with Ruida controller. I wasn’t really happy with the results I got with engraving, I figured out that the laser beam (or dot) weren’t correctly focused. So I put the laser beam in the middle of every mirror, except the laser head mirror. But since that moment, it went wrong totally. It keeps ‘burning’ even while travelling. In the beginning it won’t and a few seconds in the process, it does.

Been trying to figure this out for a week now by looking on online platforms, still haven’t find anything. Someone on here know what the problem might be? I’m all new with lasermachines.


With DSP controllers, this is usually a sign that the high-voltage power supply is wired incorrectly, or is dying.

I have the same problem with the upgrade of ruida controller

Thanks for the response! I just recently got this laser machine, as in one month ago. I haven’t been that intense with the machine, just engraving and some testing. Is it possible that it’s dying already?

And how can I found out if it’s the wiring that’s incorrect? Do you need a picture of the setup?

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