Co2 rotary able to use with fibre?

Hello all,

I have 2 rotary devices for my Co2 lasers, they have 3 pin connectors.

When I bought the fibre laser I asked the chinese man if I could use these rotaries with the fibre, he said yes I can.

BUT the fibre laser has a 4 pin connector required.

1/ Does the fibre need 4 pins? I don’t see how it’s doing any different than it does for the Co2s

2/ Can I swap out the 4 pin connector on the box for a 3 pin?

3/ None of the above and I have to buy yet another rotary device.

many thanks

You’re Co2 laser is probably set up for 3 phase stepper motors. 3 wires = 3 phase. 4 wires = 2 phase.

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So could I swap out the fibre stepper driver for a 3 phase one? Or are the motors also different.

I can’t advise on that. I think I would just get a 2 phase rotary.

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Following along.
I don’t see why you couldn’t do that, looks simple enough, and a new microstep driver is a lot less then a new rotary. Take some photos of the innards if you go that way please.

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I agree. I just didn’t want to void any warranty he might have. It should be straight forward.


Same motor, different driver. Most of the companies will void your warranty doing this, although it’s a relatively simple swap.

I think @Albroswift is correct with the suggestion to swap out the motor driver in the fiber.

Both of my machines are two phase and I use whatever rotary is best for the situation on either machine.

Double check the pin out before you wire them up… I know of no kept standard with these…


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I have that exact same Roller Rotary as that one in the photo, above. I am having trouble with skewed images trying to do tumblers. It is the rotary device that LightObject threw in when I bought their Ranger III Co2 laser which, comes with no operator’s manual and I have to call them every time I have an issue with the laser.

There are lots of anomalies that can occur with these, roller or chuck. Please post a photo so we can see what’s it’s doing…


I’ve decided to buy a new rotary for the fibre, and keep everything seperate then I know I’m not messing things up and each is meant for the right laser.

I appreciate everyones replies.


If you still need the manual