Co2 ruida chine ¿will be a problem?

Hello, I tell you that I want to change my cnc grbl laser diode machine.
In AliExpress they sell me one with co2 Ruida controller and I wanted to know if.
Is Ruida compatible with lightburn?
Will I have problems with Ruida?

Thank saludos desde Chile :smiley:

The Ruida 6442G was the first controller supported by LightBurn. You should have no problems.

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for example. My cnc work with arduino nano grbl
Ruida work with grbl? smoothie?. :thinking:

Ruida works with a custom FPGA motion control chip, and a binary file format that is highly optimized for their hardware. It is not an open source protocol, and it’s not trivial.


In summary Co2 Ruida Chine is 1000% compatible with lightburn.
I will buy it, if someone wants to know how I went with a co2 Chinese Ruida just write me.

Gracias OZ Amigo

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