$ code changing?

I am swapping out my X axis 1.8 stepper to .9 stepper. I was told by a friend that i had to change both $100 and $101 to =200
Does that sound right? What is the reason for this? I just assumed it was plug and play and then calibrate axis
Is this so lightburn recognizes the increased steps per revolution?

If you are only changing X stepper then no need to change $101. What is the current setting for $100? You will need to double it assuming you have no change to gears or belts.

No. Unless there’s information being left out.

$100 and $101 establish the number of steps required to move 1 mm. Your previous motor moved 1.8 degrees per step. Your new motor is moving .9 degrees per step. In order to get to the same distance you would need to double the number of steps.

Axis calibration changes the same configuration. You may still want to run it after making the change to fine tune it. However, you probably don’t want to rely on it for such a dramatic change.

LightBurn is not involved in this and depends on the controller to know how to communicate with the stepper. LightBurn asks distances of the controller. The controller complies and talks in steps to the stepper drivers to get it done.

What is the line to make it spit out all my settings in console?
Everything is factory except for flame detection

$$ in Console will get you a full list of current GRBL configuration.

101=99.379 also

Is this for Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro? That’s for sure not default. I believe those are normally 80. Did you possibly tune these at some point? A nearly 20 step difference is pretty big though. You would have surely noticed that your cuts aren’t matching design size. Everything would have been roughly 25% bigger when burned.

The only thing i have done is change out the stepper gears from 20 teeth to 16 teeth amd then recalibrate it. That might be why the numbers are off

That’s exactly why. So double the value for $100 and leave $101 as-is and retest and/or recalibrate.

Ok thank you

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