Coffeecup caddy file adjust to use 6mm plywood

I downloaded a free dxf file from 3axis .co , it is a coffee cup 6 hole caddy. i want to change slot openings in file so i can use 6mm plywood . right now the slots are all too small . is there a tutorial available to help me adjust this file ??
peibrewingcancaddy.lbrn2 (65.8 KB)

There is an option to ‘slot resize’ under the tools menu…


LightBurn released a good video highlighting a new featured designed for this.

Check it out here:
Simple Design Adjustments With The Slot & Tab Resizer Tool - YouTube

Note that in reviewing your design it’s apparent that some of the shapes are not closed. You’ll need to address that before that tool can be used. Edit->Auto-join selected shapes will be a start to helping you do that.

Also be aware that that file has many errors that must be corrected before you can use LightBurn’s fine resize tool.
The attached file is corrected, not super precise but usable.

peibrewingcancaddy-6mm.lbrn2 (39.6 KB)

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