Cohesion 3Dmini board

hi all, i have a problem, laser was working fine yesterday but when i turned it on today it says usb device has malfunctioned, i have looked at the board and the lights are normally flashing but they are static now, any ideas what might be wrong, running latest verson of lightburn and all drivers up to date, again it was working fine yesterday.

Is the SD card in the board plugged in? Do you hear a ‘Ding!’ in Windows when you connect the board to the computer?

What says “usb device has malfunctioned”? A little more detail would be helpful here.

If you haven’t already, the nice folks at Cohesion3D might be better suited to help you with this.

ok thank you i will contact them

Hi Oz yes the card is in and the ding is there but with the message usb malfunction windows stopped the device as there was a problem

ive had another look and the light that is on and static is the 1.5k VMOT if that helps,

It sounds like an issue with the hardware, or possibly the card, but I haven’t heard of this before. I’d suggest contacting Cohesion3D directly.

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