Cohesion3d and Ruida

I just purchased a full set of Ruida meaning the Panel and the main board. I have also got Cohesion3D. Do these two compliment one another or should I only have one. I got the Ruida after my Panel and panel circuit board that I got with my M2Nano decided to fry itself.

Should I only have one or or the other.

Both Ruida and C3D are controller boards. You can only have one. The C3D will be a drop in replacement but the Ruida will take some extra work to hook up. However, the Ruida is a more advanced controller. But also, you will need the more expensive LightBurn license to use the Ruida.

Adam, thank you for your response. I was worried about that. I may have done my $$ unless I can sell the C3D onwards. I was finding the C3D hard to plug and play as I don’t have a K40. I’m sure there is a YouTube vid on how to hook the Ruida up.

Cheers again

Oh - you said you had an M2Nano before which is the K40 board. If that’s what you were running before it should be the same, regardless of machine. But that’s a question for the C3D forum.

I had a M2N but it was a Chinese made 60/40 50w laser. There was a whole heap of corro between C3D and .me about it. I can still cancel the Ruida if I want. It hasn’t been dispatched yet but I’m finding it difficult to find a new display panel/Circuit board.

It has just been dispatched as I sent the last message. So looks like it’s a sell on to someone. Do I have to pay the full price again for the DSP licence or can. I just pay the remaining balance from the GCode to the DSP

You will need to enter your key on the following page but yes, you just pay the difference.

Can you tell me if the Ruida RDC6432 CO2 Laser Controller System is compatible to Lightburb

Hi I am yet to get a reply for my question I asked 7 days ago. Which was; is Ruida RDC6432 CO2 Laser Controller System compatible with lightburn

Sorry, @tacoman1972, this slipped through. :slight_smile:

We assume yes as we support the Ruida family of controllers (not the metal cutting or head cam features yet), but we don’t have one here to test, so can’t say for certain. You could test using our Trial to make sure.

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