Cohesion3d w/smoothiware - move locks up

If I use the ‘Fire’ button to align my laser with work, and try to move the laser, it doesn’t complete the move. I have to hit ‘stop’ to reset it. This has been apparent the last couple of updates. If I turn the laser off, then move, it works fine.

Your profile says your laser is GRBL / open frame, but you’re asking about a C3D running Smoothieware - are you using the ‘Fire’ button with a CO2 laser? Smoothieware might not let the laser move with the beam on - they don’t actually have a GCode command that allows it, so the ‘fire’ command used on Smoothieware might not work with the new code that allows other systems to move with the beam enabled.

It’s an open frame led that I put a C3D on about a year ago. It had always worked until I did the .18 update I think. Not a major issue but inconvenience. I’ve always used the smoothieware, I guess I can try just the grbl.
Appreciate the quick reply!

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