Color of Traversal moves

Hello all, I currently run a 36x55 Boss 100 watt laser. I do a lot of two tone plaques and was wandering if there was a way to change the transversal colors in the preview. This would help in the decision making process for the customer by seeing the colors they pick in the preview mode, Thanks, Craig

I assume you mean the color of the lasered path, not the traversals? (I call traversal moves the ones that don’t fire the laser) Like, you want to be able to show color fill in the preview? There is no way to do this at present, but it’s feasible to add.

Yes it is where the laser does not fire (red). If that color could be changed with a color pallet it would be awesome. Most of my cuts are colored in black, but a color pallet for the cuts would also be helpful. I use Aspire on my CNC router and it allows you to change the colors, its a big help so the customer can actually see what they are paying for before its done,

I don’t understand why it would be useful to color the non-cutting moves, as they’re irrelevant to the final result. (please correct me if I’m not getting something here) You can just turn them off, if you’re trying to show someone a proof - there’s a toggle along the bottom of the preview window for that.

I have Aspire for my CNC as well, so I’m familiar with how their preview coloring works. It’s something that could be done, but I would need to add a bunch of UI and infrastructure to set that up. I would suggest posting it to our feature request site:

I will post the request. Attached are two photos of why I would like color pallets. The compasses are the same and made out of MDF. As you can see on the second one the cut areas have not been painted black yet. So the customer would see that as black on the preview.The uncut areas are silver in these photos, they would see that area as white in the preview. I understand its not much of a difference between silver and white, but if the white is a medium blue, there is a major difference, and if the cut areas are gold or yellow, another huge difference. The customer will only see black and white the way it is now. I am by no means criticizing the software, I think it is very good, These are things that would be great assets to have. It’s really no different in changing the wood types or colors in Aspire. Black Walnut to Pine is a huge difference in outcome.

Ok, I think we’re talking about different things. The red lines here are what I call traversals:


I think you just want to be able to choose a different background color, and colors for the fills, correct?

That is correct. It would come in really handy.

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