Color toolbar disappears if you resize window

I have a large 34" Monitor.
I split the Windows on to this screen by 1/2 or 1/3…
When I do this the color toolbar - layers- disappears even though its checked.
If I fully maximize the Lightburn window it re-appears.

It’s being moved off the bottom of the screen, under the Windows toolbar. You can grab the Color bar and move it somewhere else in the interface as well. I have a 34" monitor as well, and I moved mine to the Left hand side of the screen. I like it better there anyway with the large monitor.

I made it vertical on the left side as a workaround.

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But this does not fix the issue.
I noticed that in full-screen mode the LB windows still re-sizes behind the task bar.

The lower part of LB windows with the coordinates dont show.

You have to hide the taskbar!