Combine the two library files

I have downloaded the two library files.
It is a bit annoying that I have to load each file independently.

I am wondering if I can combine these two files into a file please!

what libraries are you referring to?

I downloaded the materials from the below link, but i have to choose one of them. Is there a way to combine them please


I can see that now, it’s an Emplaser initiative. It’s interesting, but how to merge the 2 libraries I do not know.

You can load the first library, select a material item and save it as …, here you select the second library you have. Eventually you have everything in one and the same library and use “only” this one.

These Library files were produced by Darkly Labs and are tuned for their equipment, the Emblaser diode-based laser system. If you are planning to use this library of settings on anything other than the intended target machine, adjustment will be required.

As the wise old folk say, there are no shortcuts. Testing with your exact hardware/firmware is the best way to define library entries.

You might find our documentation on the topic worth review.

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