Combining two parallel lines

I imported a png of a map into lightburn and traced it. When I zoom in on the road lines, I see that they are two parallel lines. How do I combine the two lines into a single line. I don’t want to engrave two lines when one is adequate.

It’s called Centerline AutoTrace in Inkscape and probably something similar in Corel Draw but LightBurn does not have this feature yet. Given all the intersections and edge variations it is a complex operation and will likely still require some vector editing after the Centerline AutoTrace function is performed.

thanks, but I was looking for a solution in Lightburn

I think Doug misstated in his response. It’s LightBurn that does not have centerline tracing capability. All traces in LightBurn will come out as closed shapes, not as individual lines.

If you insisted on trying to do this in LightBurn you would need to edit the traced shapes to reduce them to a single line.

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Thank you, indeed I typed “Inkscape doesn’t have…” when I’d intended to type “LightBurn doesn’t have…”. I corrected my post.

you’re only option in LIghtBurn is to add your own vectors down the center of the 2 or pick one and do an offset( using half the distance between the two ) and then deleting the outer vectors.

What I wound up doing was to use the Break Apart command under the Arrange tab and then (painstakingly) removing the parallel line. Slow, but it worked.

But how did you create the line which would result in the equivalent of “Combining two parallel lines”?

I didn’t, I deleted one of the parallel lines.

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ah, often the interest is in keeping the “position” of the traced line as a “CenterLine Trace” would provide. FWIW, both LightBurn and Inkscape work with SVG files and as such I will often do preliminary manipulations in Inkscape and then import into LightBurn for final tweaking and burning.

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