Comgrow z1 5w tutorial

I am new to the Comgrow z1 5w laser (any laser actually). I am finding very little in the way of tutorial. The instruction video with no sound was maddening. The community her helped me to figure out my engraving problem (way to fast) now I’m trying to cut a letter out of the supplied square plywood included. I saw a YouTube video where a guy cut a shape from one of the same pieces. his settings were 120mm/min laser at 90% with 2 passes. I started there. Now I’m at 50mm/min 100% power with 7 passes. I’m sure it is my novice that is a hindrance. if there is a “For Dummies” book on this, id buy it. is there any place with better instructions?

Have you read through the LightBurn documentation and available video tutorials?

They’re more tailored to how to use LightBurn rather than specific material challenges. Those are going to be found more on this forum and through experimentation.

Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

Tutorials – LightBurn Software

There are a number of excellent videos on the LightBurn Youtube channel as well:
LightBurn Software - YouTube

thanks. I’ll try those.