Comgrow Z1 direct connection to Lightburn via WIFI?

Hello Lightburn,

The Comgrow Z1 has a wifi module on his motherboard, and it generates its own wifi access point by which the Z1 is able to communicate with an app by Comgrow on my iPhone.

I was wondering if Lightburn could also connect to that specific wifi network of the Z1 instead of an usb-cable?

No. LightBurn doesn’t support any wireless protocols or connections with the exception being LightBurn Bridge.

I’ve been curious about the Z1 wifi module. If it can be configured for websocket it’s possible that you could use laserGRBL for this.

WiFi with ESP8266 – LaserGRBL

It is exactly such a wifi module! But i’m on a macbook, so laserGRBL is not an option for me, only Lightburn…. Thanks anyway!!

Laserweb then perhaps?
API (for client communication) · LaserWeb/lw.comm-server Wiki · GitHub

The machine doesn’t matter, it’s the controller. Granted you many not be able to run ‘lasergrbl’ as a native application…

From LaserGrbl

If the machine is grbl, you can run lightburn on your mac and talk to a grbl board. Wifi is not supported by Lightburn with grbl controllers.

Make sure you ‘save’ the ‘facatory’ configuration before you upgrade the firmware…


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