Comm issue with Ender 3 Pro with attached 2.5W

I’m running a cheap 2.5W diode unit attached to the extruder on my ender 3 Pro 3D printer running Marlin 0.0.4. I had a newer version of marlin running and could not get Lightburn to recognize the printer so I rolled it back to the build offered on the Creality website. I can connect now, and can operate the steppers and do some lasing but it can’t be trusted. The console constantly reports garbage echos coming back from the printer. I’ve just upgraded my USB cable to a higher quality with ferrite ring and it hasn’t helped. The machine is not near any high AC draws or cabling. I was hoping it was a simple EMI issue a better cable would have solved but my luck just doesn’t work that way :frowning:.

Baud is set to 115,200 and matches that displayed on the printers “about printer” screen for connection speed. I believe I got lucky with a late model 3-pro as I have the 4.2.7 control board with built-in boot loader.

Here’s a screenshot of the console showing what I’m talking about. Thanks in advance for any help as I’m at the end of my ideas!

That’s what I was thinking. I’ve tried every available port with no change

Not unless that’s something I can do without specialized equipment. If it is, I’m not versed in the process but I’m a quick study!

Are we talking opening the cable up and directly wiring the drain lead to a suitable ground? That’s something I could do if you think it’d be worthwhile? I have everything needed on hand so it wouldn’t cost me anything.

Hmm…I’m wondering if I can jump the pin on the printer’s control board USB receptacle to the PSU’s ground - would be neater than a cable only solution, and fix the issue for the printer permanently as long as that drain path isn’t inherently noisier than whatever is affecting it now…

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