Communication with controller failed

Hi, I have recently had to purchase a new laptop and have downloaded lightburn and used the same settings to set it up however lightburn is not recognising the laser. I have added the device (exactly the same way it was on my old laptop) however its not showing. When i go into Machin Settings it says Communication with Controller failed. I am using a usb cable to connect it from my computer to the laser Ruida control. it still works fine on my old laptop so there is nothing wrong with the cable. I have also exported the settings so I am using the same settings as was on my lightburn on my old laptop. I’m at my wits end. I’m not sure how to get it working. Can someone help please. Melissa

On the last screen of the install, did you check the box to install the FTDI Driver? This is the USB driver to communicate with the Ruida controller. If you did not, you can just run the installer again, and check that box at the end.

I actually just figured out that i needed to download the driver for the laser to my new computer and then it worked! Thank you.

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