Compatibility? Need help

Is Lightburn comparable with a LEETRO MPC6565 engraving and cutting controller!?
Please advise if so what software version will I need or which software I will need, It doesn’t seem like I have the Rudia I will post pics I ordered an H&M laser rotary so I wanna be able to use it with my rabbit laser RL 80–1290 (QX-1290) Laser machine Any help I would appreciate it greatly thanks

LightBurn does not currently support Leetro controllers.

I too have the same Leetro Controller in our both my RL 1290 80 watt Rabbit USA lasers. I talked with Ray from RabbitLaserUSA last year when he came by to do some maintenance at the neighboring high school and mine. He offers an upgrade to RDworks for the older LaserCut5.3 control software which included an updated controller. If I would have known at that time I would have asked him which controller make and model he is using for this upgrade.
Call or contact Ray at Rabbit Laser USA and ask him which controller comes with RDworks upgrade for your current LaserCut5.3. Hopefully it is the one that is compatible with LightBurn.
I am thinking about upgrading the machine myself and buying LightBurn. The more I look into it, the more I am astounded by LightBurn’s features. Specially the Camera option and photo engraving.

I believe Ray @ Rabbit is offering the Ruida 6442G controller. I’m not 100% certain, but I think that’s the one.

Hi Oz,

Amazon has the following Ruida RDC 6445G plus LRS power supply. I don’t know if I need the power supply but would the Ruida 6445G work for the upgrade in order to use LightBurn?

Yes, LightBurn will run the 6445 controller.

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