Compatibility RDC6445 / RDC6442

Maybe a stupid question but does anyone know if the Display Panel from the Ruida RDC6445 is plug and play with the RDC6442 control unit?
Looking at Images found on different sites they both have the same 5 pin plug.
I have the 6442 but with failing eyesight i would like to use the bigger screen on the 6445 if possible.
Cheers and stay safe.

I doubt it as the controller has a higher dpi on the control panel and that’s part of the specifications. So I doubt it would be ‘plug and play’, more like ‘plug and pray’… and then I doubt it.

I also believe the console is bigger, so you’d have to do surgery on the cabinet to enlarge the hole…

Good luck


Thanks for the reply Jack.
Deep down i had a feeling they would be incompatible, But ya gota ask.

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