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Hello, im completely new to …well pretty much everything. I just bought my laser machine and ive never used any software or a laser before. So I am pretty much reading and learning. I have caught on to a few things and been very confused on a lot of other things. If anyone has any suggestions on things I could do to learn faster or a site I could go to to help figure things out easier for me? ive been trying to find a course or a one on one teacher for a bit, with no luck. I started a few tiny projects to test to see what I can do. al went well until I could no longer use the offset without it just making a big circle around the entire thing. I don’t know what im doing. stop laughing. haha im trying to change my life and need help.
stressed in Ontario
Also, do I only need this lightburn software? or do I need other programs as well? I eventually want to be engraving on wood and glass and whatever else. and doing pictures/portraits. my machine is co2 laser/engraver/cutter 60w blaze 2, ruida

Where in Ontario are you? I am in the Niagara Region, and might be able to help you some.

I’m in London.
Im so baffled now at how to get the laser to position where I want…uggg.

I will try to address your direct questions below, but I am also going to ask you to test out our new documentation as this is one of the reasons we are rewriting them. We want the process of getting results from your laser to be enjoyable as well as educational. OK, too far? Maybe. :wink:

If you are willing, start with the links below and let us know if you find it helpful in getting set up and completing our sample project. I think we can both benefit from this as your feedback will help us refine the process.

Initial Setup ~
Beginner Walkthrough

The Walkthrough has a section on using the ‘Offset’ tool.

Share a bit more detail here, please. What are the settings for the Offset you are trying to apply? Share a screenshot of that settings window so we can review it.

The LightBurn feature set continues to fill out. We have many users that use LightBurn exclusively to do their design and laser control workflows - without needing additional software. You are not limited in using other software to do your design and editing work, but in most cases, it is not a requirement.

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