Compressor, stops job when shutting off or starting up

Hi guys and gals
I have a strange thing happening
In fact i cant figure what is going on
If i am running a job in lburn
And my air assist compressor(25ltr) Hyundai switches on the job stops and goes to home or if fires up lburn stops and homes
This has happened with 2 different compressors, NEITHER is connected to the controller on the k40? They are independant in fact their plugged into a completely seperate 240v socket? And yesterday i unplugged the 240v inline exhaust fan plugged into a socked ( extension lead) while a job was running and that to stopped the job? The laptop, exhaust fan and water pump are on a surge protected socket and the controller, 249 mains and compressor on another?
I have swaped plugs around but it makes no sence
Anybody with any ideas would really get me out the poo because i have a lot of laser stuff going out and this is really holding me up.

Compressors draw a lot of power at startup. I use a large backup power supply for my laser, computer and water pump.APC BX 1500M… It engages when the incoming line voltage drops. The laser does not see the voltage drop and continues normally.

It’s a problem that many people here have without realizing it. The starting current reaches such a high level for a very short time that it gives a “deficit” in your entire house installation. Normally it has no effect on electrical appliances and machines but some controllers and some PCs are not so happy about it. Sometimes you may also notice that the light may fluctuate slightly when one of the heavy appliances starts. It is usually avoided with a “starting capacitor” which is very roughly an energy reservoir which makes the start a little slower and softer.
Appliances such as old washing machines or electric stoves and angle grinders are known to be worst in private homes.
You can try pulling an extension cord from a socket that “does not belong” to your house installation, if you have the opportunity. To test it, you could also connect a power generator to your compressor.

A large UPS is of course the most elegant and smartest solution.

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A lot of sockets are ‘spurred’ off of other sockets and not always wired directly from the main fuse board.

Yep kris, mine are ALL on a ring main no spurs its odd, never happend before , ive hsd LB for 2 1/2 years now, and pretty competent with thd software
ime wondering if anything in the current version of LB has changed anything

Have you tried what I suggest?

Hi bernd
I only have 1 double socket in the laser room so i need an extension socket yhe only option i really have is a large ups which ime looking into. I apprecieate your suggestion thanks pal.

Nicholas, if it’s a completely new problem and everything else is ok, try looking at the capacitors on your controller, if there are any with a slightly dented top, I’ve seen this problem once before.

On my cohesion3d board?

Yes, on the board

I am suspecting line noise in combination to poor grounding. You may also want to consider shielded USB or shielded Cat 5 / 6. Outdoor shielded cabling with a ground strap is a good choice as well.

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