Computer died and had to replace. I cant get the lightburn program to download and communicate with laser

My computer died and I have had to replace with a Lenovo Windows 10 . I tried to reinstall lightburn ,but now the I am getting a message that states the install isnt microsoft verified and I can not complete the download .
Using Rudia (boss laser) with serial USB, Any suggestions would be helpful

I had an issue very similar to that with my BOSSLASER and I contacted the support tech at BOSS and they told me to update the driver, which is the program that allows the laser to communicate with the computer and that fixed it for me. try that.

Thank you very much for your reply. I will try that .

Went back to computer guy, driver is fine. Microsoft was limiting download, could it also be stopping the
computer from communicating with laser ?

did you install the driver at the end of your lightburn install?

Sorry for the silly question but, what exactly is the" driver" ? I went through the install and when we got to find the device, it will not find device. Entered manually and it still does not recognize laser.
Hope that makes sense

at the end of the installation of lightburn you can check a box to install a better usb driver:

OMG !, I dont think I did . Can I go back and do that again without uninstalling? Thank you so much !

I went back and made sure the driver was on and it turned on for a minute and when I hit finish it disconnected from laser again??? Is the windows 10 20 HZ shutting down the driver ? I had to take the firewall down on lightburn to download

I unplugged from internet and downloaded lightburn and driver again. Currently is recognizing device, fingers crossed this continues as I finally am able to work. Thank you for all of your help

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