Computer had to be rebooted and I lost my software

How can i redownload my purchased software without paying again?

Just download it again, and enter in your license details.

It says limit reached. I can only download once?

You get 2 seats per license, 3 if you ask nicely. To release your seats, you can wait here and probably @Rick or @LightBurn will be by shortly to help you out with that, probably with access to the online system. Otherwise you could try emailing and asking there, but it’s the same people, and honestly you’ll probably do just as well by waiting for one of them to stop here, since I tagged them. There’s not much need to bring up the case twice.

I really appreciate the help. I only run the one laptop.

If you purchased the software directly from LightBurn, you can handle this yourself:

Otherwise send us an email and include your license key.

How do i find this portal? I did purchase my software directly from lightburn website

I’ve just checked your key, and you have two license seats, and only one of them in use. Are you trying to install a really old version of the software, perhaps? Or did someone already take care of this for you?

I used the info that I’ve got in this chat and removed my old computer. This information has been very helpful. I’m going to try and download it on the new computer later today.

Perfect - just wanted to make sure.

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