Conection to lader

Hi everybody i just bought a co2 laser and i opgraded to dsp and i am using conection via Lan cabel but ig cant Connect ??

To connect to a DSP laser over Ethernet, you’ll need to know the IP address of the controller, and ensure that it’s properly configured for your network.

Yep the Numbers i put in lightburn and i still not connecting

In the lower right corner of LightBurn, it should show a status for the laser you’re attempting to connect to. Can you send a screenshot of the main window to help our staff try and diagnose?

Do you see the laser on your network?

Besides Lightburn, the controller shows if the hardware is connected in the lower right of the machine console… It’s off here :frowning:

Did you change the laser’s IP on the controller? Ruida support only a static IP, so you have to change it to ‘go’ with your network.


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