Config.txt firmware file

Good morning all, earlier I had a question about the K40 cohesion 3d mini shifting to the right or left at random times when printing an image, the response was to download the latest cluster firmware, I did this set enable in LightBurn and now my machine won’t home, iv tried several different config files and none of them work. anyone have any suggestions.

C3D Mini and C3D laserboard don’t use the same configuration files because the drivers are different and there are a few other bits that have changed. Did you download a config for the Mini, or the Laserboard? (this is really more of a question for the C3D forum anyway)

Hi Oz thanks for getting back to me. Is the cluster firmware the same for all the cohesion boards? just the config files are different? and do you have a link for the config file for the 3d mini, I have posted on cohesion forum yesterday but no response yet.

I can’t say for sure if the firmware is the same. I suspect it is, and just the config is different. I do not have a link to the config, but you should be able to find the files on C3D’s site or documentation.

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