Configuring a home install for a Makerspace member

Use-case: Makerspace laser user installing LB at home, to do project design.

What is the best way to get this home installation “seeded” with the configuration settings for our X7 laser. e.g.

  • give users a step-by-step list of instructions on how to configure settings such as bed dimensions, machine settings?
  • give users pre-built config files and instruct them where to copy the files?

note: I first searched in the forum and FAQ but I didn’t see this question being raised so far


The key pieces are device type, origin corner, and bed size. If they have those, they won’t need anything else. The machine settings are stored in the controller itself, and don’t impact LightBurn in general use.

I was thinking more about the simulation settings (acceleration et al…). Don’t those need to be tweaked out so the time estimates line up with what you’d see on the actual controller?

Yes, the simulation settings would need to be matched to what’s in the controller to get accurate time estimates. I don’t have a simple way to export settings, but you could copy them from the laser system at the Maker space by going to File > Open prefs Folder, copying the prefs.ini file there, and overwriting the one on the user’s home system. That will copy everything - they’d just have to quit LightBurn before overwriting theirs, as it’s saved when you quit.

great - copying a prefs file would work well in the home-user install workflow:

  • install LightBurn
  • copy prefs
  • run LightBurn

I can imagine a similar one-time config copy workflow for multi-users on the PC connected to the controller (where LightBurn was already installed):

  • user login
  • copy prefs
  • run LightBurn